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Alb"ts"6 "ts" mutation

Posted by Siddell on 12 Sep 2012 at 16:16 GMT

Alb ts6, A9494→ C

Sparks et al. (J. Virol. 82:599, 2008) identified a V148A substitution in nsp5 as the mutation responsible for the temperature-sensitive ("ts") phenotype of Alb"ts"6. This conclusion is consistent with the sequencing data we obtained. Our attribution of the "ts" phenotype of Alb"ts"6 to a mutation in nsp4 (N258T) was based upon a single revertant isolate (T258N). We also found the V148A mutation in Alb"ts"6 but in our revertant this mutation was retained and combined with a second-site reversion (H134Y) in nsp5. Thus, we wish to propose that cistron 1 is redefined as extending from nsp5 to nsp10.

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