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Name change: The correct name of the 'V. albo-atrum' strain used in this paper is now V. alfalfae.

Posted by Patrikin on 17 Jul 2013 at 23:46 GMT

The name of the 'Verticillium albo-atrum' strain VaMs.102 has changed. A taxonomic revision of Verticillium has shown that 'V. albo-atrum' strain VaMs.102 belongs to V. alfalfae instead (Inderbitzin et al., 2011), and is thus correctly referred to as V. alfalfae strain VaMs.102.

Inderbitzin P, Bostock RM, Davis RM, Usami T, Platt HW, Subbarao KV. 2011. Phylogenetics and taxonomy of the fungal vascular wilt pathogen Verticillium, with the descriptions of five new species. PLoS ONE 6: e28341, available at

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