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Staining Method about Fig2E

Posted by wachwu on 14 Jun 2012 at 12:49 GMT

I would like to know clearly how they did the co-staining about FoxP3 and IL-10 in Fig2E. In their method parts, it was said that "For intracellular staining for FoxP3 and IL-10, cells were staine using the Foxp3 Staining Buffer set".

Based on my experience before about the co-stainig, the GFP signal will be easily bleached by using the Foxp3 staing buffer set from eBioscience. I would like to know how those authors made it work at there hands.

Another, for the IL10 staining, did the author activate the cells with PMA+Ionomycin? My previous was if activate the cells with PMA+Ionymycin with the presence of Monensin, the signal of FoxP3 was hardly dected.

Thanks for your reading and looking forward to hearing back.

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