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Correction to discussion text

Posted by valdi001 on 22 Jan 2012 at 17:10 GMT

I'd like to clarify that Ssc2 is CT576 and Ssc3 is CT862 - as outlined in the gene map of Fig 2 and not as described in the Discussion section and throughout the rest of the text.

I'd like to thank Jejun Wang at the Bioinformatics Group of the Plant Metabolic Engineering & Systems Biology Laboratory
Department of Biology, CUHK for pointing out the typo in the discussion section and I apologize for any confusion it may have caused.

The issue of the annotation of CT274 as a T3S chaperone was also raised. Such similarities where brought up first by Ken Fields on a review chapter "The Chlamydia Type III secretion System" in the book "Chlamydia: Genomics & Pathogenesis" edited by Bavoil and Wyrick, as a small acidic protein with amphiphatic alpha helices and TPR repeats. More recently, "The chlamydial type III secretion mechanism: revealing cracks in a tough nut" in Frontiers in Microbiology also covers this putative T3S chaperone and Chlamydia T3S in general. They also state that it has similarity to SycD. Indeed, PSI-BAST searches picked some weak similarities. Other folks have noted similarities between CT274 and T3S chaperones, including JF Kim (Trends in Genetics 2001) and RS Ghupta (BMC Genomics 2006).

Competing interests declared: I am the lead author of this study