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Other transcriptonal profliling of intra-macrophage M.tuberculosis

Posted by PhilipButcher on 22 Jun 2012 at 18:03 GMT

In previous microarray studies focusing on early stages of infection, we have characterized the initial transcriptional changes in Mtb immediately following Mφ invasion

Refer reader to other publications describing transcriptional profiling of M.tb inside macrophages:
1. Tailleux L et al (2008) Probing Host Pathogen Cross-talk by Transcriptional Profiling of Both Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Infected Human Dendritic Cells and Macrophages. PloS One (2008) Jan 2;3(1):e1403
2. Li et al (2010) Contrasting Transcriptional Responses of a Virulent and an Attenuated Strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infecting Macrophages. PLoS ONE 5(6): e11066.

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RE: Other transcriptonal profliling of intra-macrophage M.tuberculosis

kylerohde replied to PhilipButcher on 14 Oct 2013 at 19:10 GMT

These excellent studies were cited in the original submitted manuscript. Regrettably, during revisions to reduce the manuscript length their deletion inadvertently went unnoticed. In no way was their omission intended to minimize the significant contributions of these papers or as a slight to the authors.

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