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Publisher's Note: Statements about use of stop codons is incorrect

Posted by MWMather on 26 Sep 2008 at 18:44 GMT

primers with in frame stop codons. This fragment was cloned into pHD22Y using the Kpn I restriction enzyme site to yield pHDPKO. The stop codons in the forward and reverse primers would prevent expression of the truncated HDP in the event of site specific recombination

Due to incorrect interpretation of homologous recombination (see comment in discussions), authors place a stop codon preceding the truncated HDP gene in Figure 5A. There will not be a stop codon at this position following homologous recombination, hence the truncated gene will likely be expressed. The diagrams and annotations showing the anticipated outcomes of recombination in Fig 5A and B and Fig 6A and B are incorrect and need to be re-drawn.