About the Authors

Astrid A. T. M. Bosch, Giske Biesbroek, Krzysztof Trzcinski, Elisabeth A. M. Sanders, Debby Bogaert
Department of Pediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases, University Medical Center-Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Corresponding Author


Competing Interests

DB and KT declare to have received consulting fees from Pfizer. EAMS declares to have received unrestricted research support from Pfizer and Baxter, consulting fees from Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, lecturing fees from Pfizer, and grant support for vaccine studies from Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. None of the fees or grants listed here were received for the research described in this paper. For all other authors no conflicts of interest were declared. This does not alter our adherence to all PLOS Pathogens policies on sharing data and materials.