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Immunohistochemical panel to characterize canine prostate carcinomas according to aberrant p63 expression

Fig 2

Immunohistochemical staining for NKX3.1, AR, PTEN, AKT AND C-MYC in canine prostate cancer.

(A) Normal prostatic tissue presented strong expression of NKX3.1. All p63+ and p63- PCs were negative for NKX3.1 staining (B and C). D: Strong expression of AR was observed in normal prostatic tissue. (E and F) Few neoplastic and basal cells were positive for AR in p63+ PC and p63- PC. (G) Normal prostatic tissue presented strong expression of PTEN. p63+ PC (H) and p63- PC (L) showed low PTEN expression. (J) Normal prostatic tissue showed AKT negative PTEN expression (blue staining). (K and L) Strong expression in p63+ and P63- PC was noted. (M) Normal prostatic tissue showed negative C-MYC expression, and higher expression was noted in both p63+ (N) and p63- (O) tumors.

Fig 2