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Secretion of autoimmune antibodies in the human subcutaneous adipose tissue

Fig 6

Measure of hypoxia in the obese SAT versus blood.

A. Hypoxia was measured by RNA expression of HIF-1α in adipocytes (AD) and SVF from the same individuals. AD were sonicated for cell disruption in the presence of TRIzol. The SVF was also resuspended in TRIzol. AD and SVF were from the same individuals. Results show qPCR values (2-ΔΔCt) of HIF-1α RNA expression. Mean comparisons between groups were performed by Student’s t test (two-tailed). *p<0.05. B. Respiration in the SVF and in PBMC (blood) from different obese individuals age-, gender- and BMI-matched was measured as described in Materials and methods. Numbers in red indicate Oxygen consumption rates (O2 nmoles/ml/min) in the example shown. Results are representative of 2 independent experiments.

Fig 6