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A giant Late Triassic ichthyosaur from the UK and a reinterpretation of the Aust Cliff ‘dinosaurian’ bones

Fig 7

Giant shastasaurid ichthyosaur surangulars.

A. Right surangular in medial view of Shonisaurus popularis (NSMLV VM-2014-057-C; specimen C-5 of Camp [22]), image courtesy of NSMLV. The specimen is worn and partially reconstructed, but part of the groove for the Meckelian canal is clearly visible. B. Exposed portion of the right surangular in medial view on a cast of the dorsal aspect of the skull of Shonisaurus sikanniensis (TMP 1994.378.02). Note the prominent groove for the Meckelian canal. Abbreviations. cp, coronoid process; m, M.A.M.E. process; Mc, groove for Meckelian canal. Scales equal 10 cm.

Fig 7