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Growth differentiation factor-15 levels and the risk of contrast induced acute kidney injury in acute myocardial infarction patients treated invasively: A propensity-score match analysis

Fig 4

ROC analyses of biomarkers to predict AKI.

AUC = area under the curve. AUC of model 3 is 0.816 (95% CI: 0.774–0.859), while AUC of GDF-15 is 0.666 (95% CI: 0.614–0.717), and AUC of creatinine is 0.714 (95% CI: 0.653–0.775). AUC of GDF-15 adjusted by age, gender and eGFR is 0.757 (95% CI: 0.701–0.813). AUC of GDF-15 adjusted by age and serum creatinine is 0.758(95% CI: 0.704–0.812), while AUC of GDF-15 adjusted by age, gender and serum creatinine is 0.761(95% CI: 0.707–0.814). AUC of GDF-15 adjusted by serum creatinine is 0.733(95% CI: 0.680–0.786).

Fig 4