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Experimental increase in baseline corticosterone level reduces oxidative damage and enhances innate immune response

Table 1

Physiological effects of chronic CORT treatment.

LMEs for body mass, hematocrit (Ht %), redox state markers (TAS—total antioxidant status, UA—uric acid, tGSH—total glutathione, MDA—malondialdehyde; for residual TAS, see Methods) and coccidian infestation, and GLMMs for innate immunity variables (natural antibodies [NAbs] by hemagglutination score and complement by hemolysis scores). Degrees of freedom are 1 for treatment and 3 for sampling and treatment × sampling throughout. Significant effects are marked in boldface and marginally significant effects (0.05 < P ≤ 0.10) in italic.

Table 1