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Correction: A century of changing flows: Forest management changed flow magnitudes and warming advanced the timing of flow in a southwestern US river

Table 5

Climate-flow regression models.

Multiple linear regression models explaining variation in annual and monthly total streamflow for the Salt River near Roosevelt, Arizona [60] based on precipitation and temperature at McNary, Arizona [61]. Models built with full dataset (1914–2012) and re-run for two sub-periods. Final models included explanatory variables that were significant (* < = 0.05, ** < = 0.01, *** < = 0.001) and not correlated, except for precipitation polynomial terms that were needed to satisfy assumptions of linear fit (N.S. denotes non-significance for these terms). Months labeled with ‘75’ indicate only 75% of data were used to eliminate serial correlation of model residuals. Regression models described in more detail in methods section and S1 Table.

Table 5