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Identification and characterization of preferred DNA-binding sites for the Thermus thermophilus transcriptional regulator FadR

Fig 6

EMSA analysis of FadR-binding to REPSA-identified promoter sequences through a titration of FadR concentrations.

Shown are LICOR images of IRD700-labeled DNA probes containing FadR-binding sites from the REPSA-identified promoter regions, as indicated, incubated with 0, 0.38, 0.75, 1.5, 3, 6, or 12 nM FadR protein. (S) FadR-DNA complex, (T) uncomplexed DNA. (A) ST2_FadR_TTHA0890 DNA. (B) ST2_FadR_TTHA0402 DNA. (C) ST2_FadR_TTHA0604 DNA. (D) ST2_FadR_TTHA0846 DNA. (E) ST2_FadR_TTHA1118 DNA. (F) ST2_FadR_TTHB017 DNA. (G) ST2_FadR_TTHA0390 DNA. (H) ST2_FadR_TTHA1463 DNA. (I) ST2_FadR_TTHA1144 DNA. (J) ST2_FadR_TTHA0103 DNA. Binding site sequence and KD values are indicated below each panel. Lowercase nucleotides indicate mutation from consensus FadR sequence.

Fig 6