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Identification and characterization of preferred DNA-binding sites for the Thermus thermophilus transcriptional regulator FadR

Fig 5

Bioinformatic identification of T. thermophilus HB8 promoters potentially regulated by FadR.

Shown are sequences +/- 200 bp of the FadR-binding sequence of a target gene identified through FIMO analysis as being potentially regulated by FadR (see Table 1). Longest open reading frames with identical orientation as the target gene are indicated with blue nucleotides. Open reading frames with opposite orientation are indicated with green nucleotides. Black nucleotides indicate intergenic regions. Potential promoter elements (-30 and -10 boxes, +1 start site of transcription) were identified using Softberry BPROM and are indicated with blue highlighting. FadR-binding sites are indicated with yellow highlighting. Regions of overlap between FadR-binding sites and promoter elements are indicated by green highlighting. Underlining and italics indicate core promoter elements and FadR-binding sites, respectively, identified previously by Agari et al [7].

Fig 5