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Identification and characterization of preferred DNA-binding sites for the Thermus thermophilus transcriptional regulator FadR

Fig 1

REPSA section of FadR-dependent IISRE cleavage-resistant DNA species.

Shown are LICOR Odyssey images of restriction endonuclease cleavage protection assays during Rounds 1 through 5 of REPSA selection with 6 nM FadR protein. The presence of FadR or IISRE FokI (F) or BpmI (B) is indicated above each lane. Lanes include: (+/-) total DNA control, (-/F or -/B) IISRE cleavage control, and (+/F or +/B) IISRE selection with FadR. The electrophoretic mobility of the intact (T) and cleaved (X) selection template, as well as the IRD7_ST2R primer (P), are indicated at right of figure.

Fig 1