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Histological assessment of granulomas in natural and experimental Schistosoma mansoni infections using whole slide imaging

Fig 5

Eosinophil numbers in the natural and experimental infections with S. mansoni.

(A) Representative image of a hepatic granuloma from a naturally infected wild reservoir (N. squamipes) showing accumulation of eosinophils (indicated in high magnification in Ai by arrowheads). (B) Quantitative analyses revealed a lower number of eosinophils per granuloma area (μm2) in all target organs in the natural infection compared to the experimental infections. Different letters indicate significant differences between the means (P < 0.0001 for all comparisons between different letters in the respective groups). (C) Proportion of eosinophils within hepatic granulomas in each model of the infection. (****) P < 0.0001. Eosinophil numbers were quantitated per granuloma area, considering all types of granuloma (B) or per most frequent type of hepatic granuloma (C). Data represent mean ± SEM. Morphometric evaluation was done with the use of Histoquant software. Bar = 400 μm (A), 100 μm (Ai).

Fig 5