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Histological assessment of granulomas in natural and experimental Schistosoma mansoni infections using whole slide imaging

Fig 3

Intensity of the granulomatous response in target organs of rodents naturally or experimentally infected with S. mansoni.

(A) Mean percentage of granulomatous response in livers and intestines (mean ± SEM). (B-J) Representative virtual slides of tissues with different levels of granuloma formation. In the liver (B, E, H), the lowest response is shown by the natural infection in N. squamipes (B) compared to the experimental infection in mice (E, H), while in the small intestines (C, F, I), the highest granuloma formation was observed in this wild reservoir (C). Different letters indicate significant differences between the means (P < 0.0001 for all comparisons between different letters in the respective groups). Bar = 1000 μm (B, D, F); 950 μm (H); 750 μm (C); 650 μm (E, G, I, J).

Fig 3