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Histological assessment of granulomas in natural and experimental Schistosoma mansoni infections using whole slide imaging

Fig 1

Sequence of steps to acquire and analyze whole slide images.

(A) After loading the slides in the scanner, image acquisition starts with a “prescan” step in which the equipment takes a low resolution grayscale image followed by an automated setup process termed “profile” in which the tissue is detected and focused. (B) The equipment scans all regions of the slide defined by the profile and generates a virtual slide, which is saved on disk. These first steps take just few minutes and many slides can be sequentially scanned. (C, Ci) The operator can then review the virtual slide(s) and work on each one by selecting the area(s) of interest with the use of morphometric software. In the present work, the number and area of granulomas and area of inflammatory infiltrates were quantitated by using Pannoramic Viewer 1.15.2 SP2 RTM software. A representative digital slide shows a section from the small intestine of an S. mansoni-infected mouse in which the above parameters were manually delineated for subsequent automatic quantification.

Fig 1