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Factors associated with pulmonary impairment in HIV-infected South African adults

Fig 3

Adjusted annual excess change in FVC among participants with at least one follow up visit.

(A) Change in mean FVC and accompanying 95%CI by baseline exposures. (B) Change in mean FVC and accompanying 95%CI by time-varying exposures. FVC—forced vital capacity, CI—confidence interval, SHS—second hand smoking, ART—anti-retroviral therapy, TB—tuberculosis, CD4 –cells/mm3, VL—viral load in copies/mL, CRP—C reactive protein in mg/L. Excess change in FVC modelled as the interaction term of follow-up time and independent variable using random effects regression. Multivariate regression model includes baseline fixed variables of age, BMI, sex, education, smoking, SHS, ART and history of TB and PCP, and time-updated CD4 cell count, viral load and plasma CRP levels. Model also adjusts for baseline FVC.

Fig 3