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Modulation of the endogenous omega-3 fatty acid and oxylipin profile in vivo—A comparison of the fat-1 transgenic mouse with C57BL/6 wildtype mice on an omega-3 fatty acid enriched diet

Fig 4

Correlation between plasma n3-PUFA/n6-PUFA oxylipins and the ratio of their precursor fatty acids.

The ratio of CYP metabolites (sum of epoxy-FA and dihydroxy-FA) from EPA (A) and DHA (B) to the respective ARA metabolites are plotted against the ratio of their precursor PUFA. In panel C-D the same correlation is shown for selected 12-LOX metabolites (12-HETE and 14-HDHA). The slope of the linear regression and the correlation coefficient were calculated based on all feeding groups of the experiment.

Fig 4