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Modulation of the endogenous omega-3 fatty acid and oxylipin profile in vivo—A comparison of the fat-1 transgenic mouse with C57BL/6 wildtype mice on an omega-3 fatty acid enriched diet

Fig 3

Concentrations of oxylipins.

Presented are concentrations of selected prostanoids, 5-LOX, 12-LOX, 15-LOX, CYP4 and CYP2 products of ARA, EPA and DHA as well as 18-HEPE in (A) plasma, (B) brain and (C) colon in transgenic fat-1 mice and wild type animals (WT-STD) on a sunflower oil based diet, as well as in wild type mice on the same diet enriched with EPA and DHA (WT-STD+n3) after 30 days of feeding. The lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) for the analyte is indicated in case it was not exceeded in >50% of the samples per group. Results of the statistical analyses for the comparison of oxylipins between the feeding groups after 30 days on the experimental diets are shown in S8 Table.

Fig 3