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Global change in the trophic functioning of marine food webs

Fig 3

Worldwide values and trends of transfer efficiency, residence time, fishing and climate indicators.

(a) Mean 1950–2010 values of the Time Cumulated Indicator TCI per type of ecosystem (in years); (b) Mean 1950–2010 values of the Efficiency Cumulated Indicator ECI per type of ecosystem; (c) Worldwide trend in TCI; (d) Worldwide trend in ECI; (e) Worldwide SST anomaly relative to the mean of the time-series (orange, in °C, left axis) and O2 anomaly trends (yellow, in mol O2 m-3, right axis) (f) Worldwide trends in the fishing pressures indices: SSP (red, in % on the left axis) and Lindex (orange, right axis); (g) Shannon index (h) Percent of fish species. Colored sectors refer to bootstrap confidence intervals of the mean of LMEs, at 95%.

Fig 3