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Group elicitations yield more consistent, yet more uncertain experts in understanding risks to ecosystem services in New Zealand bays

Table 3

Summaries of mixed-effect paired t-tests comparing the consistency in best estimate and interval for risks to the four ecosystem services before and after the workshop.

The column “experts” refers to the number of experts in the analysis, while “comparisons” refers to the number of before-after comparisons included in the analysis (these were treated as nested random effects in the models). The column “difference” records the mean difference from the average best estimate (“best estimate” rows) as well as the mean interval length (“interval” rows) before compared to after the workshop. Positive “best estimate” differences indicate that the individual best estimates were more similar to the average after the workshop (than before); positive “interval” differences indicate that the interval range of estimates shrunk after the workshop. The column “df” reports the degrees of freedom in the analysis.

Table 3