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Simultaneous silencing of isoamylases ISA1, ISA2 and ISA3 by multi-target RNAi in potato tubers leads to decreased starch content and an early sprouting phenotype

Fig 6

Starch granule size distribution.

Size distribution was determined as pixels’ size from ca. 150 starch granules of each replicate using ImageJ software as schematically shown in Fig 5. A) Granules were compiled into groups and the number of granules within a specific range (e.g. >25, >50, >75, etc.) were counted, calculated as relative percentage of total number and values cumulatively plotted. The inset shows the median granule size of each genotype. B) Bar charts of selected groups of relative starch granule sizes subjected to t-test test analysis. Values represent means +/- SE from 3 individual tubers (n = 3). Significant differences to wild type are indicated by asterisks (*p<0.05). Line 7 (light grey), line 16 (dark grey), line 39 (white) wild-type control (WT; black).

Fig 6