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High-resolution physicochemical characterization of different intravenous immunoglobulin products

Fig 1

Size-exclusion chromatography analysis of 3 lots of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) from 3 different manufacturers for a comparison of 9 different IVIg materials.

(A) UV 280 nm detection; peak A, aggregate; peak D, dimer; peak M, monomeric IgG. (B) Abundance of aggregate (peak A, panel A). (C) Abundance of dimer (peak D, panel A). Overlay of intrinsic fluorescence (excitation 280 nm, emission 340 nm; blue) and extrinsic (Bis-ANS) fluorescence (excitation 385 nm, emission 435 nm; black) for (D) Privigen, (E) Octagam, and (F) Gammagard. Overlay of extrinsic fluorescence for fresh (back) and expired (blue) lots of (G) Privigen, (H) Octagam, and (I) Gammagard. Single lots of each product were analyzed prior to or after the expiration date: Pri-1 (22 months after), Pri-2 (2 months prior), and Pri-3 (28 months after); Oct-1 (5 months prior), Oct-2 (12 months after), and Oct-3 (24 months after); Gam-1 (6 months after), Gam-2 (36 months prior), and Gam-3 (24 months after). Gam, Gammagard lot; Oct, Octagam lot; Pri, Privigen lot.

Fig 1