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Link prediction on Twitter

Fig 4

Ranking diagrams based on networks constructed from all the words in tweets for the seven link prediction measures used in this paper.

Namely for common neighbors (CN), the Jaccard coefficient (JC), preferential attachment (PA), Adamic-Adar (AA), the resource allocation index (RA), selectivity (SE) and inverse selectivity (IS). Rankings according to the F1 score are presented on the left for 25% (a), 50% (b) and 75% (c), while rankings according to the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC) are presented on the right for 25% (d), 50% (e) and 75% (f). The best rank is at the leftmost position and the line below denotes measures which are not significantly different (Nemenyi test with p-values of 0.05).

Fig 4