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Comparative transcriptome analysis of flower heterosis in two soybean F1 hybrids by RNA-seq

Fig 2

Transcriptome profiling and differentially expressed genes between F1 hybrids and their parents.

(A) and (B) Genome-wide gene expression in F1 hybrids, the in silico hybrids, and the two parents. (A) F1 hybrid HYBSOY-1 and two parents (JLCMS9A and JLH1). (B) F1 hybrid HYBSOY-5 and two parents (JLCMS84A and JLH1). (C) and (D) Number of differentially expressed genes of pair-wise comparisons of all materials. Black number indicates the total number and proportion of genes that are differentially expressed in each comparison. Also shown for each contrast is the partitioning of the total number of differentially expressed genes into the direction of upregulation. For example, in C, 409 genes are indicated as being differentially expressed between JLCMS9A and JLH1. Of these, 283 genes are upregulated in JLCMS9A, and 126 genes are upregulated in JLH1.

Fig 2