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Y-chromosomal analysis of Greek Cypriots reveals a primarily common pre-Ottoman paternal ancestry with Turkish Cypriots

Fig 2

Median-joining networks for haplogroups (a) J2a, (b) J1, (c) E-M78, (d) E-M123, (e) G2a, and (f) R1b. Median Joining Network based on 17 Y-STR loci. For each network, blue colour indicates GCy haplotypes and red colour TCy haplotypes. Circles are sized according to the number of individuals sharing the haplotype, with the smallest circles representing one individual. The lengths of the connecting lines are proportional to the number of mutational steps separating two haplotypes. Haplotypes shared with surrounding populations are labelled with the corresponding country where the exact 17/17 haplotype match is found (GRE: Greece, TUR: Turkey, LEB: Lebanon, EGY: Egypt, LIB: Libya, TUN: Tunisia, ALB: Albania, CRO: Croatia)

Fig 2