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What is in your cup of tea? DNA Verity Test to characterize black and green commercial teas

Table 1

List of Italian commercialized black and green tea packages analyzed in the present study (N and V samples, respectively).

Information for each accession about the marketing quality (high, medium and low), sales network (D = discount supermarket; H = herbalist shop; S = supermarket; P = drugstore), price (ϵ) {(A), < 1 ϵ; (B), 1 < ϵ < 2; (C), 2 < ϵ < 4; (D), 4 < ϵ < 6; (E), > 6 ϵ} and molecular results for rbcL and rps7-trnV(GAC) sequences (presence of a SNP in the 68 bp coding region of rbcL, A = adenine, C = cytosine; rps7-trnV(GAC), 239 bp = Camellia sinensis, 226 bp = C. pubicosta; in smaller font, the nucleotide/fragment less represented).

Table 1