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Mosasauroid phylogeny under multiple phylogenetic methods provides new insights on the evolution of aquatic adaptations in the group

Fig 1

Phylogenetic analysis of mosasauroid relationships using different methods.

(A) Co-UMP: strict consensus of 30 most parsimonious trees (450 steps each) (CI = 0.350; RI = 0.692). (B) Mu-UMP: strict consensus of 84 most parsimonious trees (445 steps each) (CI = 0.329; RI = 0.660; length). (C) IWMP (fit = 45.45942; CI = 0.360; RI = 0.706; length = 449 steps). (D) ML tree. For the ML tree, branches are proportional to their length, values above branches indicate bootstrap support and scale bar represents branch lengths. Abbreviations: Ai, Aigialosauridae; Do, Dolichosauridae; Ha, Halisaurinae; Mo, Mosasaurinae; Pl, Plioplatecarpinae; Te, Tethysaurinae; Ty, Tylosaurinae; Ya, Yaguarasaurinae.

Fig 1