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Elements including metals in the atomizer and aerosol of disposable electronic cigarettes and electronic hookahs

Fig 4

Concentration of elements in disposable EH aerosol and Marlboro Red cigarette smoke.

The concentration of elements in the aerosols of (A) Imperial Hookah, (B) Smooth, (C) Starbuzz (D) Tsunami, and in smoke from (E) Marlboro Red ISO and (F) Marlboro Red CS are presented in each pie chart as a percentage of total element/metal concentration. The total concentration of all elements is given in μg/10 puffs at the bottom of each figure for each brand. Numbers adjacent to each element are concentrations in μg/10 puffs for that element. All concentrations presented are the average of three samples, and only elements higher than or equal to 0.002 μg/10 puffs are presented in this figure.

Fig 4