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Three-dimensional computer graphic animations for studying social approach behaviour in medaka fish: Effects of systematic manipulation of morphological and motion cues

Fig 1

3D medaka models.

3DCG animations were created using pictures of real medaka fish (a). Scale bar indicates 1 cm. A wire-frame model of medaka was shown in b. Morphological and motion features were reproduced based on the medaka pictures and the tracking coordinate date (Normal (c)). We systematically modified the normal medaka model to generate altered animations in which shape (Pressed (d)), colour (Grey scale (e)), and motion (No locomotion (f) and No body motion (g)) were manipulated. The left and right panels in the normal, pressed, and grey scale medaka images show side and top views, respectively. In the No locomotion group, medaka fish were presented with 3DCG animations in which, although the motion of the tail fin of virtual medaka was intact, their locomotion was stopped. In the No body motion group, while the moving trajectory of virtual medaka was intact, their body axis motion was removed.

Fig 1