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Mated Drosophila melanogaster females consume more amino acids during the dark phase

Fig 5

Mated females increase amino acid consumption during the dark phase without amino acid deprivation.

(A) The experimental scheme for the CAFE assays. Flies were tested without deprivation of amino acids. Each L phase is shown by a white box and each D phase by a gray box. (B) Amino acid consumption during L (orange bars) and D (blue bars) phases was quantified using two-choice CAFE assays between 50 mM glucose and 50 mM glucose containing 1/5 amino acid mixture in virgin and mated CS females (n = 6 trials). Intake of 50 mM glucose alone was subtracted from intake of 50 mM glucose containing 1/5 amino acid mixture, and the value was subsequently divided by the number of flies in each vial. The mean value is shown as “estimated amino acid intake”. Error bars indicate SEM. *p < 0.05 for comparisons between L and D phases and between virgin and mated females using the Student’s t-test.

Fig 5