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Mated Drosophila melanogaster females consume more amino acids during the dark phase

Fig 1

Females ingest an increased quantity of amino acids during the dark phase.

The experimental scheme is indicated in (A). Each 12 h light (L) phase is shown by a white box and each 12 h dark (D) phase by a gray box. Intake of glucose and amino acids during L and D phases was quantified using the capillary feeder (CAFE) assay. Assays were performed in the two-choice situation (B) between glucose and amino acids (n = 3 or 4 trials) and in the no-choice situation (C) (n = 3 or 4 trials). The quantity of intake per single fly is shown. Intake during L and D phases is indicated by orange and blue bars, respectively; filled bars represent CS flies; hatched bars represent per0 flies. Error bars indicate SEM. *p < 0.05 for comparisons between L and D phases using the Student’s t-test.

Fig 1