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Even good bots fight: The case of Wikipedia

Fig 1

The proportion of Wikipedia editors who are human, vandals, and bots and the type of editorial activity in which they are involved.

A language edition to the left has a higher total number of edits than one to the right. (A) Bots comprise a tiny proportion of all Wikipedia users, usually less than 0.1% (not visible in the figure). (B) However, bots account for a significant proportion of the editorial activity. The level of bot activity significantly differs between different language editions of Wikipedia, with bots generally more active in smaller editions. (C) A smaller proportion of bots’ edits are reverts compared to humans’ edits. (D) A smaller proportion of bots’ edits get reverted compared to humans’ edits. Since by our definition, vandals have all of their edits reverted, we do not show them in this figure.

Fig 1