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Electrochemically reduced water exerts superior reactive oxygen species scavenging activity in HT1080 cells than the equivalent level of hydrogen-dissolved water

Fig 5

Measurement of protein radicals of ERW and dissolved H2 water by immuno spin trapping assay.

Cells were initially treated with 100 μM menadione for 45 min, which was replaced with water media for 120 min. Then, 60 mM DMPO was applied for 30 min. FW, filtered pure water; +Mixed gas, H2, O2 and N2 mixed gas were bubbled through water to obtain DO and DH concentrations equal to those of LV4 –the pH was also adjusted using sodium hydrate; LV4, ERW at electrolysis level 4. NAC, 5 mM N-acetyl cysteine. Degas, Degassed samples. *a and *b indicate p values of < 0.01 when compared with the values for menadione-treated FW and menadione-treated +Mixed gas FW, respectively.

Fig 5