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Individual HIV Risk versus Population Impact of Risk Compensation after HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis Initiation among Men Who Have Sex with Men

Fig 1

The HIV incidence rate per 100 person-years at risk (Panel A) and percent of infections averted relative to a scenario in which no PrEP was used (Panel B), by the interaction of relative levels of condom-related risk compensation (RC) and PrEP adherence profile in which compensation occurred.

The red line depicts RC in all four PrEP medication adherence profiles (high, medium, low, and non-adherent), the blue in the top three (high, medium, low) green in the top two (high and medium) and purple in the high only. The horizontal dashed lines shows a comparison of the two outcomes (incidence and PIA) if RC were not to occur (0% RC). All points summarize the empirical distribution of 250 simulations of each scenario.

Fig 1