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Classification of Animal Movement Behavior through Residence in Space and Time

Fig 6

Application of RST to four diverse movement datasets.

(a) 2-month GPS fisher track in an urban area of New York, USA, and residuals (tag M4 [22, 23]). (b) 2-month GPS African buffalo track and residuals split at 11 Nov 2005 to demonstrate behavior and distribution change with onset of wet season (tag 1764827 [24]). (c) Residuals from 5-year GPS Galapagos tortoise track, and spatial representation of track segment from 1 Aug 2011 to 30 Mar 2012; inset map shows fine-scale movements in southeastern area (tag 1388 [25]). (d) 5-month satellite telemetry blue whale track starting off southern California and ending near the Costa Rica Dome, and residuals (tag 23043 [26, 27]). Maps produced using R code by Kahle and Wickham [19].

Fig 6