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A Radical Solution: The Phylogeny of the Nudibranch Family Fionidae

Fig 2

Molecular phylogeny based on the combined dataset (H3+COI+16S) inferred by Bayesian analysis (BI).

Only one specimen per species of Fionidae is shown. Support values shown represent posterior probabilities from Bayesian inference and bootstrap values from Maximum likelihood (PP/ML). Diversity of fionid radula morphology is also mapped. (A) Tenellia melanobrachia (CAS 177299), scale bar = 10 μm. (B) Tenellia gymnota (CAS 68909b), scale bar = 50 μm. (C) Tenellia yamasui (CAS 176738), scale bar = 50 μm. (D) Tenellia albocrusta (CAS 71754), scale bar = 3 μm. (E) Tenellia lagunae (CAS 71383), scale bar = 3 μm. (F) Cuthona nana (CAS 87192), scale bar = 50 μm. (G) Cuthonella cococachroma (CAS 71755a), scale bar = 50 μm. (H) Eubranchus sp. (CAS 114833), scale bar = 50 μm. (I) Abronica abronia (CAS 71753), scale bar = 3 μm.

Fig 2