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Identification of Stages of Erythroid Differentiation in Bone Marrow and Erythrocyte Subpopulations in Blood Circulation that Are Preferentially Lost in Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia in Mouse

Fig 2

Fluorescence imaging of erythrocytes showing the presence of membrane-bound autoantibodies.

Mice were injected weekly with 2x108 rat erythrocytes intraperitoneally for 5 weeks. Blood samples from mice in control and REA groups were collected after 5 injections. Presence of membrane-bound autoantibodies in erythrocytes isolated from REA mice was confirmed by fluorescence microscopy after staining the erythrocytes with F(ab’)2 anti-mouse IgG-PE. Panel A shows the erythrocyte images from control and panel B the same from REA mice. The upper panels display fluorescence images and lower panels the DIC overlay (magnification 100X).

Fig 2