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A Conditioned Behavioral Paradigm for Assessing Onset and Lasting Tinnitus in Rats

Fig 3

Baseline rates of licking during silent trials (training sessions 11–16).

Tinnitus(+) refers to rats that later exceeded 1 lick/trial for one or more silent trial categories over weeks 5 through 7 week following noise exposure; tinnitus(-) refers to noise-exposed rats that did not meet that criteria. A silent trial category was determined by the narrowband sound trial that preceded it (i.e. 6–8 kHz, 10–12 kHz, 14–16 kHz, 22–24 kHz, 30–32 kHz) (A-E). From baseline test sessions 13–16, all rats exhibited stable baseline behavior (≤ 1 average lick/trial) for every silent trial category, as indicated by the dashed line and shaded area. There were no significant differences between tinnitus(+), tinnitus(-), or control (ctrl) rats in baseline silent trial licking.

Fig 3