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Reproduction Does Not Adversely Affect Liver Mitochondrial Respiratory Function but Results in Lipid Peroxidation and Increased Antioxidants in House Mice

Fig 1

Liver mitochondria respiratory function for non-reproductive (PL) and post-reproductive (PR) female house mice.

RCR (A), state 3 (B), and state 4 respiration (C) in liver mitochondria of non-reproductive and post-reproductive female mice are given. State 3 and state 4 respiration rates were measured polarographically and normalized to mitochondria content. RCR was calculated as the ratio of state3/state 4 respiration. Standard error bars are given and representative blots depicted for each graph. Non-reproductive, n = 4; Post-reproductive, n = 15. No significant differences were observed between groups.

Fig 1