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Mutations Designed by Ensemble Defect to Misfold Conserved RNA Structures of Influenza A Segments 7 and 8 Affect Splicing and Attenuate Viral Replication in Cell Culture

Fig 5

(A) 3D structure of influenza M2 ectodomain in complex with monoclonal antibody Fab65 [46]. PDB ID: 4N8C. The light chain (light blue) and heavy chain (orange) of Fab65 are shown in cartoon presentation. R12 and N13 are labeled and shown in stick presentation. 7PK_ED has mutations R12S and N13T. The other residues of M2 ectodomain (dark blue) are shown in ribbon presentation. (B) 3D structure of NS1 C-terminal region [47]. PDB ID: 2GX9. The NS1 monomer (magenta) is shown in cartoon presentation. H169 is labeled and shown in stick presentation. 8PK_ED has mutation H169L.

Fig 5