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Mutations Designed by Ensemble Defect to Misfold Conserved RNA Structures of Influenza A Segments 7 and 8 Affect Splicing and Attenuate Viral Replication in Cell Culture

Fig 3

The relative abundance of unspliced and spliced mRNAs of WT and mutant viruses.

Total RNAs were collected 3 h post-infection (MOI = 5). The mRNA relative abundance was quantified by qRT-PCR, and normalized to the WT virus. 7MB_ED and 7PK_ED increased the amount of M1 mRNA in (A) MDCK cells and (B) A549 cells. (C) 8PK_ED and 8PK_BP decreased the amount of NEP mRNA in MDCK cells, while 8PK_BP_CP restored the splicing level.

Fig 3