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Mutations Designed by Ensemble Defect to Misfold Conserved RNA Structures of Influenza A Segments 7 and 8 Affect Splicing and Attenuate Viral Replication in Cell Culture

Fig 2

Conserved RNA structures identified in mRNAs of influenza A virus segment 8 and predicted folding of ensemble defect mutants.

(A) Pseudoknot/ hairpin equilibrium at the 3′ splice site in segment 8 [19]. The lower helix in the pseudoknot conformation may be extended by 4 additional base pairs and a single mismatch forming between nts 494–498 and 529–533 [19]. (B) The predicted folding of 8PK_ED. (C) Black arrow corresponds to mutation in 8PK_BP and blue arrow corresponds to compensating mutation in 8PK_BP_CP. Details are same as in Fig 1 caption.

Fig 2