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Mechanical Signals Inhibit Growth of a Grafted Tumor In Vivo: Proof of Concept

Fig 1

A: Principle of the use of a in vivo constraint field. Generation of a field of constraint on a 2D cell culture: each particle subjected to a magnetic field gradient generates a force vector. Altogether these vectors create a field of constraint pushing / pulling the cells depending on the orientation of the field. B: Proof of Concept. Schematic representation of the experimental setup with the animal in the airgap of two magnets (Magnets, tumor not at scale). C: Schematic representation of the living parts (right and left) and the necrosis of the subcutaneous grafted tumor. D: Close up of right and left parts. Force vectors are oriented towards the magnetic field or not depending on the distance to the magnet. E: Magnets in opposite configuration and typical gradient variation along the oz axis. (A)- configuration scheme; (B)- related indicative mapping of the magnetic field from Vizimag simulation.

Fig 1