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Blind Flight? A New Troglobiotic Orthoclad (Diptera, Chironomidae) from the Lukina Jama – Trojama Cave in Croatia

Fig 1

A-C.–A. SE-NW profile of the Lukina jama—Trojama cave system in the Velebit Mountain, Croatia. Explored by Speleological Committee of the Croatian Mountaineering Association, Croatian Speleological Federation and Slovak Speleological Society; map prepared by Darko Bakšić. Positions of the 3 campsites (First, second and third camp) inside the pit are marked on the map.–B. The chamber at 980 m depth, where most of the specimens were caught.–C. Newly emerged specimen of Troglocladius hajdi Andersen, Baranov et Hagenlund, gen. n., sp. n., sitting on the cave wall (photo J. Bedek).

Fig 1