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Continental Island Formation and the Archaeology of Defaunation on Zanzibar, Eastern Africa

Fig 8

Extirpated, extant and introduced fauna in Kuumbi Cave Trench 10.

Relative frequency of nonhuman mammalian fauna that are extant or extirpated on Zanzibar today. “Introduced?” are remains of possible domestic cattle; we stress the tentative nature of this identification, given the paucity of diagnostic elements and the possible persistence of similarly-sized extirpated bovids. Extirpated fauna include: zebra, steenbok, bush duiker, bushbuck, reedbuck, waterbuck, buffalo, white-tailed mongoose, hare, porcupine, and a possible Thomson’s gazelle. Microfauna and remains only identifiable to size class (e.g., “Mammal Size 2”) were excluded from this analysis. NISP, number of identified specimens; MNI, minimum number of individuals.

Fig 8