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Morphological and Genetic Analysis of the Acerentomon doderoi Group (Protura: Acerentomidae) with Description of A. christiani sp. nov

Fig 2

Acerentomon christiani sp. nov.

(A) Pronotum and mesonotum (left side). (B) Tergite I (left side). (C) Tergite VII (right side). (D) Tergite VIII (right side). (E) Hind margin of sternite XII. (F) Prosternum. (G) Mesosternum. (H) Sternite II (right side). (I) Sternite III (right side). (J) Anterolateral structures on tergite VI. (K) Anterolateral structures on tergite VII. (L) Hind margin of laterotergite VIII. (M) Sternites VII–IX. (N) Male sguama genitalis. Arrows indicate pores (al = anterolateral, sl = sublateral, psm = posterosubmedial, psl = posterosublateral, sam = sternal anteromedial, sc = sternal central, spm = sternal posteromedial, spsm = sternal posterosubmedial, spsl = sternal posterosublateral pore). Figure N; paratype Cat. N 840+HP 136, other figures are of holotype. Scale bars: 20 μm.

Fig 2